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Thelma & Louise


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"If it pleases you to watch;
It pleases me you're watching"


Kathleen - New Year's 2009
Kathleen - laidback in RV after New Year's Party

If you see me, wave hullo; with any appendage you like!  Your hands, feet or anything else you can move ;)
We're all here for our own multitude of reasons so I have no interest in judging anyone's soul.  I do love to study human behaviour though.
I have become very busy lately but I still enjoy coming to sit with my fellow "Cameraware Family".  I even made a true blue friend like C_Tinas and I usually stick with my old repertoire so imagine my delight in finding a new friend to add in real life.
I love to watch others when they don't know they're being watched, but since we all have our cams on, we already know lol.  So I just pretend sometimes that I don't have my cam on. 
It's very hard to respond in that blue box beside the cams because there's not much space & I like to express myself there.  So I hang out in Ventrilo voicechat and talk to my Cameraware Friends there.  Once in awhile I go to Camcrowd text chat. 
Sometimes I just feel shy and put the cam on my surroundings instead.
Cheshire Cat

If I don't write back to you in my camtext, watch my eyes and hands because I may be waving at you.  Ahhh, watch whatever you want :)  Sometimes, I just have the cam on, go about my business & actually DO forget the cam's on.
If it pleases you to watch; it pleases me you're watchin! ;)

Thank you to everyone who's voted.

Kathleen - Valentine's Day 2008

  • Born Tuesday, August 30, 1966
  • Proud Canadian (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Spent my adult life raising my beautiful girlchild Natalie
  • Came to cameraware (on or about) Dec. 13, 2007
  • Presently in an RV with Lone (another of our Cameraware Family)

Lone & KitKat
Lone & KitKat - 1st annual Jamboree - VFW Peru, NY
  • First saw him on cam Jan 14/08 (but he'd been on cameraware for about 6 yrs)
  • First spoke with each other Jan 17/08
  • First met in person March '08
  • Been together since June '08
  • Bought an RV in Georgia & we're hoping to gather enough money for gas to visit some of our Cameraware Family in Canada & the U.S.

Kathleen - sittin in the RV - Sept 2008

Kathleen - Ausable River / Jay Covered Bridge 08

Kathleen - Ausable River, Upstate NY - Summer 2008

Kathleen - July 06 - High Park, Toronto

Kathleen - Sun Morn - awake 5 minutes.. Oct '05

Kathleen - Nat's Room '07

KitKat - playing on Cameraware Dec. 2008

KitKat - playing on Cameraware Dec. 2008

KitKat - playing on Cameraware Dec. 2008

Ethereal Mushrooms... suggestive, no?

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If we're there, we can speak with you voice or text.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my page :)


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