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Please be patient with my cam.  I have bad bandwidth sometimes and it tends to limit my upload rate.  This means that my cam will freeze or even get cut off at times.

For voicechat, please see further below on this page.....

  • Download the standalone viewer from Cameraware here
  • Cameraware only recognizes votes for Top20 cams; highlighted on the camlist in yellow
  • Votes only register once a day from each i.p.
  • The new voting day restarts at 3:10am eastern time (12:10 pacific time, 8:10am GMT)

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I've added a cam that shows the Occupy Toronto Movement's 24 hour Live Feed for your entertainment & education if you can't find a cam to watch on CW right now :)  Of course you can always press play or pause to start or stop the stream & you can still watch my (or others') cams at the same time.  ENJOY!

Click on this banner to download Ventrilo
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Enter your USER NAME & the SERVER settings below

To install Ventrilo; click on the banner above.  A new window will open. 
Once installed, simply enter your USER NAME and the SERVER settings listed below:
  • Hostname or IP:
  • Port number: 4550
  • Password: cameraware
  • Default Channel: KitKat Lounge 
  • To enter your user name & server settings, click on the button that looks like this:


    DON'T FORGET TO PRESS THE CTRL KEY!  Once you've got Ventrilo installed and you've connected... to speak, merely hold down the LEFT Control (CTRL) Key while you talk.

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    HELP! If you find you need a more in-depth tutorial, please click the logo to visit Cameraware's Ventrilo Help page in a new window.

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