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Welcome to the KitKat Lounge

If it pleases you to watch; It pleases me you're watchin'     =^-^=


I understand that if I enter this site, I may be exposed to visual images, verbal descriptions and/or audio sounds of a sexually oriented, frankly erotic nature, which may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity. I am voluntarily choosing to do so, because I want to view, read and/or hear the various materials which are available, for my own personal enjoyment, information and/or education. My choice is a manifestation of my interest in sexual matters, which is both healthy and normal and, which, in my experience, is generally shared by average adults in my community. I am familiar with the standards in my community regarding the acceptance of such sexually oriented materials, and the materials I expect to encounter are within those standards. In my judgment, the average adult in my community accepts the consumption of such materials by willing adults in circumstances such as this which offer reasonable insulation from the materials for minors and unwilling adults, and will not find such materials to appeal to a prurient interest or to be patently offensive. I am of an age considered in my community to be an adult (a minimum of 18 years of age, 21 in some communities). I understand that all video feeds and chat within are the responsibility of the various camera and chat participants, and that "KitKat-Lounge" exercises no control over their content.


True Voyeurs Welcome....
I love to think of those who might be out there; quietly watching as I go about my business; never seeing or hearing you peering at my window... harmlessly watching as my curtain is partially open... revealing everything to you, if you watch long enough.
And me - quietly turned on knowing that someone out there is touching themselves.  Sometimes I glimpse those who might be stroking as they fan me, but pretend I don't see, so the game will continue.  Later on, when I'm with myself, I think about it again.
Cameraware gives me the opportunity to bring my window to your dimension.
We're all here for our own multitude of reasons so I have no interest in judging anyone's soul.  I do love to study human behaviour though.
I love to watch others when they don't know they're being watched, but since we all have our cams on, we already know lol.  So I just pretend sometimes that I don't have my cam on. 
It's very hard to respond in that blue box beside the cams because there's not much space & I like to express myself there.  So I hang out in Ventrilo voicechat and talk to my Cameraware Friends in the KitKat Lounge. 


If it pleases you to watch; it pleases me you're watchin! ;)

Thank you to everyone who votes.

aww 2 bad you couldn't get this pic, it's nice ;)

I hope you, your family & friends are all Healthy, Happy, Safe & Prosperous for 2010!


  • First saw him on cam Jan 14/08 (but he'd been on cameraware for about 6 yrs)
  • First spoke with each other Jan 17/08
  • First met in person March '08
  • Been together since June '08 
  • Bought an RV in Georgia in June '08 and have visited Pax, Cave-Girl, Biker89, met limodude on the street by accident lol and hoping to meet more in the future!

Now whut.

Now whut.

  • Born Tuesday, August 30, 1966
  •  Proud Canadian (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Spent my adult life raising my beautiful girlchild Natalie 
  • Came to cameraware (on or about) Dec. 13, 2007
  • Presently in an RV with Lone (another of our Cameraware Family)

You can bring my cam up and still view 2 other cams at the same time!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site ---{{-@

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